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The Maus is an easily recognisable vehicle, marking the largest and heaviest production tank of WW2. At nearly 200 tonnes, the Maus, fully loaded and ready for combat, was a feat of engineering which lacked a purpose by the time it was finished. Despite having been ordered into mass production, Allied bombing had slowed deliveries and then all. Wargaming, in cooperation with the Kubinka Tank Museum, intends to reconstruct the legendary Panzerkampfwagen VIII Maus. Most parts of the tank didn't surv..

After Tiger vs Abrams video, some of you still request to see another WW2 vs Modern tank scenario. So this is the last time I do WW2 tank vs modern, because. Drive behind slow tank destoyers and heavy tanks and keep circling around them to avoid being hit while making easy shots into the back of the enemy. Good traverse speed and acceleration is required. Hide in the bush, spot the enemy without being seen. Take a shot and start running. Fast The Maus is a German tier 10 heavy tank. Developed from June 1942 through July 1944, with two prototypes produced, only one of which received a turret and armament. The heaviest (although, thanks to the Type 5 Heavy , no longer biggest) tank in World of Tanks, the Maus is certainly a mammoth tank, with the largest health pool of any other. Maus tank - Download Free 3D model by BK_114 [36c9399] - Sketchfab. 3D. Navigation basics. All controls. Orbit around. Left click + drag or. One finger drag (touch) Zoom. Double click on model

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The Panzerkampfwagen Pz.Kpf.W. VIII (Sd.Kfz. 205) Maus (ironically named the Mouse) was a superheavy tank development undertaken by the Third Reich during World War 2. This monster creation was fitted with a large and powerful main gun armament supplemented by equally powerful secondary armament and armored to the core This was a 1000-tons super-heavy tank, equipped with a naval panzerschiff twin mount 280 mm turret, one Maus 128 mm, eight 20 mm AA guns, and two Mg42 Mgs. It was so big that a unique six tracks system (two pairs of three) was conceived. It was to be motorized by a pair of submarine MAN diesel engines The Maus is the most armored heavy tank in a game called World of Tanks. This tank has 260 mm of armour protecting it. It also has a 12,8 cm kw.k.44 L/55 naval cannon that can penetrate 308 mm of armor, more penetration that it will ever need.The tank weighs about 188 tons, stands 11.5 ft tall, 12 ft wide, and 33 ft long Tank XXL : 4 e épisode de la série Nazi Mégastructures, sur National Geographic. Jeux vidéo. Le Maus fait son apparition dans le jeu vidéo World of Tanks, en tant que char super-lourd de tier X, dans l'arbre technologique Allemand The Maus tank was a logical if somewhat impractical outcome of the general mindset of Nazi military engineering. Considering that they were obsessed with the relentless pursuit of attaining ever more advanced technological breakthroughs and building bigger and more powerful pieces of military equipment, it came as no surprise that Hitler and.

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Panzer VIII Maus at the Kubinka Tank Museum. Kubinka was a top-secret armour testing range and proving ground from before World War II. All new designs from Russian research and design bureaus, facilities and factories had to be first tested here. Also, Nazi German tanks and armoured fighting vehicles (AFVs) that were either captured by Soviet. Takom TAK-2049 WWII German Super-Heavy Tank Maus V1 Model Kit Toy. $59.99. $59. . 99. FREE Shipping. Only 3 left in stock - order soon. More Buying Choices. $40.67 (3 new offers =====MAUS===== Panzerkampfwagen VIII Maus is a German World War II super-heavy tank, that was completed in late 1944. It is the heaviest fully enclosed armored fighting vehicle in history with total mass of 188 tons. For today, Maus is located in the Kubinka tank museum (Russia) T 34 85 Suvorov Soviet Russian Tank Model Kits Scale 1:35 - WW2 1/35 Scale Military Models T34 Tank Building Kit Assembly Instructions in Russian Language. 4.4 out of 5 stars. 20. $35.98. $35. . 98. Get it as soon as Mon, Mar 15. FREE Shipping by Amazon 160 km. Kummersdorf-Gut, Neue Verskraft, Hall voor de pantserwagen muis, 2013. De Panzerkampfwagen VIII, bijgenaamd Maus, was een Duitse superzware tank uit de Tweede Wereldoorlog. Het is de zwaarste tank ooit gebouwd. Toen de ontwikkeling werd gestaakt waren twee prototypes voltooid en nog zeven onvoltooid


A 1944 prototype of the gigantic Maus, a Nazi super-tank conceived by Porsche. Few were completed, and the design was later viewed as a dismal failure. The Americans were developing the 45-ton M-26 Pershing tank, and, of more personal concern to Hitler, the Russians debuted the 45-ton JS-2 Stalin Panzerkampfwagen VIII Maus (Mouse) was a German World War II super-heavy tank completed in late 1944. It is the heaviest fully enclosed armoured fighting vehicle ever built. Only two hulls and one turret were completed before the testing grounds were captured by the advancing Soviet forces. An incomplete tank was captured by British forces. These two prototypes one with, one without turret.

The Maus in typical high tier German fashion is massive, has lots of armor, and looks intimidating. This guide for World of Tanks Maus weak spots breaks down the entire tank's armor effectiveness. Learn where to shoot anywhere on the Maus to make sure you are hitting its weakest armor areas The Panzerkampfwagen VIII Maus Is a German super heavy tank that can only be accessed if you are a VIP server owner. To spawn one in, one must type /s maus and the vehicle will appear where the cursor is. The command is case sensitive. 1 Characteristics 2 Appearance 3 Controls 4 Trivia It has only one weapon, a Direct Fire AP shell, with a notable difference in range and firepower when. Panzerkampfwagen VIII Maus (suom. Hiiri), tunnettu myös suunnittelunimellä Sd. Kfz. 205, oli toisen maailmansodan aikoihin kansallissosialistisessa Saksassa suunniteltu ja valmistettu jättiläismäinen panssarivaunu.Maus oli kooltaan, aseistukseltaan ja panssaroinniltaan maailman suurin panssarivaunu, mutta sodan päättymisen vuoksi se jäi pelkäksi keskeneräiseksi prototyypiksi eikä. This set is amazing. I love the maus and this set fills in all of my expectations. But I also have some questions about futuristic upcoming sets. Is Cobi going to release more tank destroyers such as the jaghtiger and the isu-152? And is there a chance Cobi is going to make an is-4 or is-7, they would be great competition to play against the maus

Panzerkampfweagen VIII Maus was a superheavy tank designed by the nazi german during the second world war, it was never produced in mass. The design of the tank started during 1942 and was in charged to Prosche and Krupp, the plans were finished during 1943 and the production of two prototypes started. Due to multiple allied bombing to the Krupp fabrics, part of the plans and models of the. 1 Overview 2 Design 3 Variants 4 Action Panzerkampfwagen VIII Maus (Mouse) was an experimental Nazi German super-heavy tank completed in 1944. It was the heaviest armored fighting vehicle ever created, at a staggering 207 tons! The German army ordered five tanks, but only 2 hulls and a turret as well as a test turret were completed before the manufacturing facility was captured by the. Players Avg. Battles Avg. WN8 Avg. Win Rate Avg. Damag Panzerkampfwagen VIII Maus foi um tanque de guerra nazista alemão, o mais pesado a ser fabricado durante a Segunda Guerra Mundial.Foi desenvolvido por Ferdinand Porsche para a Alemanha Nazista em 1942 e aprovado por Hitler.Seu nome deveria ser Mammut mas foi trocado por Maus ().Durante testes, seu enorme peso fez o tanque afundar e encalhar em terrenos não muito firmes, fazendo com que sua. One German tank, though, would take this concept so far that it still remains unparalleled to this day. That tank was the Maus, and while it didn't quite make it to production, its existence remains an incredible feat to this day. As the heaviest tank ever built, here are 10 downright crazy facts about the infamous Panzer VIII Maus

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  1. A Panzerkampfwagen VIII Maus (egér) szupernehéz harckocsi jelentette a végállomását annak a folyamatnak, amelynek során a németek szinte megszállottan próbáltak egyre nagyobb harckocsikat kifejleszteni. 1942. június 8-án Hitler szóban megállapodott Porsche professzorral egy különlegesen nehéz harckocsi kifejlesztéséről, amelyet ironikusan Mausnak neveztek
  2. The Maus is the definitive tank of heavy armour in Rank V and is the largest ground vehicle in game. The Maus can be a menace in the battlefield and conversely also a bullet magnet, a double-edged sword that must be played correctly or else fall victim to heavy enemy fire. The Maus lives up to its reputation as a mobile bunker
  3. The tank's hull was 10.1 metres (33 ft 2 in) long, 3.67 metres (12 ft 0 in) wide and 3.66 metres (12.0 ft) tall. Weighing about 180 tonnes (180 LT; 200 ST), the Maus's main armament was a 128-millimetre (5.0 in) cannon with a coaxial 75-millimetre (3.0 in) gun and steel armour ranging from 60-240 millimetres (2.4-9.4 in) in thickness.A total of nine were in various stages of completion and.
  4. Tanks Reforged! Balance Updates to the Maus Line! August 2, 2021. SHARE: Big, powerful, and scary, the German super heavy line has always been a strong presence on the battlefield. With thick armor and large hitpoint pools, these tanks are the weapon of choice for pushing the front lines under heavy fire. This edition of Tanks Reforged takes a.
  5. The Maus wasn't even really a tank it was a massive bunker with tracks. It also did not have a traditional tank gun. Instead, the Maus packed a 15-centimeter howitzer specifically on Hitler.
  6. Taking the historical angle 12,8cm PaK 44 (JagdTiger and Maus) had a similar anti-tank performance to 8,8cm PaK 43 (JagdPanther and Tiger II), even having a lower muzzle velocity. Especially if we're talking firing distances such as in TANKS. That is why I think giving it Attack 7 is an overkill

The tank was planned to be 1000 tonnes, being far heavier than the Panzer VIII Maus, the heaviest tank ever built (weighing 188 tonnes). The project gained the approval of Adolf Hitler , who had expressed interest in the development of the tank, but was cancelled by Minister of Armaments Albert Speer in early 1943 L'estimation du projet Documentaires télévisés. Tank XXL : 4 e épisode de la série Nazi Mégastructures, sur National Geographic.; Jeux vidéo. Le Maus fait son apparition dans le jeu vidéo World of Tanks, en tant que char super-lourd de tier X, dans l'arbre technologique Allemand.; Il fait également son apparition dans le jeu War Thunder, en tant que char super-lourd de tier V et un BR. average maus enjoyer August 14, 2021; hey chems why dont u stream August 14, 2021; a reason why Renegade the best premium tank in World of Tanks August 14, 2021; Recent Topics. Future plans for lordsheen.com; Make a genuine Tier 10 tier list; lordsheen.com live stat The Maus is a German tier 10 heavy tank.. Developed from June 1942 through July 1944, with two prototypes produced, only one of which received a turret and armament. The Maus marks the end of one of the German heavy tank lines Maus photo gallery. Click on thumbnail images to enlarge. Maus with external fuel tank, rear view, April 1944. Maus at Soviet Union's tank proving ground Kubinka. 2nd Maus with a camouflage pattern. Böblingen April 1944. Maus prototype on trials with with a mockup turret, Böblingen January 1944

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The only real Maus now rests in Kubinka Tank Museum, beside the Karl-Gerät 040. On the mantlet of the tank turret there are two guns —the main KwK 44 L/55 and the second KwK 40— but only the main gun is used in the match. Alongside the T28, the Maus is the only tank that didn't take part in any action in real life but sees action in the anime The Maus is a tier X German heavy tank that is notably the first ever Super Heavy tank sub-class. The Maus, upon its release, has by far the most hit points in the game, at 3000 hit points. The Maus tank, along with several other tanks, are behemoth tanks. History. With Hitler's mental health going down, he called for a giant breakthrough. Tank Guide: Maus. The tier 10 German heavy tank Maus is truly the behemoth of World of Tanks. This tank packs a ton of weight, armor, and size into a slow hard hitting package. This World of Tanks Maus guide will break down the Maus into firepower, armor, mobility, and miscellaneous attributes. Starting off is a quick video outline the Maus. Wikipedia: Panzerkampfwagen VIII Maus (Mouse) was a German World War II super-heavy tank completed in late 1944. It is the heaviest fully enclosed armoured fighting vehicle ever built. The Maus was intended to punch holes through enemy defences in the manner of an immense breakthrough tank, while taking almost no damage to any components.[citation needed] I don't think there's anything. The first official name for the new super tank was VK10001 Porsche Type 205 and nicknamed the Mammoth. The tank was renamed Maeuschen (or Mousy) in December 1942 and finally Maus in February 1943. With Krupp producing hulls, turrets, and armament, a firm called Alkett was responsible for assembly of the components

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Panzer VIII Miš je bio njemački projekt izgradnje superteškog tenka tijekom drugog svjetskog rata . Nastanak. Prvi zahtjev za proizvodnju njemačkog superteškog tenka se javlja 1941.. godine.Taj prvobitni projekt imena Panzer VII je bio obustavljen u srpnju 1942. godine. Dva mjeseca prije obustave ovog projekta Hitler je izdao uredbu za gradnju novog neuništivog tenka teškog najmanje. Panzerkampfwagen VIII Maus - Myš (Sd.Kfz 205) bol nemecký superťažký tank z obdobia druhej svetovej vojny.Bol to najťažší tank, aký bol kedy zostrojený. Základná koncepcia známa ako VK7001/Porsche Typ 205 bol predložený Ferdinandom Porschem Adolfovi Hitlerovi v júni 1942, ktorý ho schválil. Práca na projekte začala takmer okamžite, prvý prototyp, pripravený v roku. Maus Tier 10, Heavy tank. Developed from June 1942 through July 1944, with two prototypes produced, only one of which received a turret and armament. Marks of Excellence requirements for Maus: beta. 2368. 3338. 4098. Shots required to get MoE (per battle)Show guns

Maus tank mk10 for Space Engineers. Released May 21st, 2021. Ranked 27,387 of 59,852 with 19 (0 today) downloads. Published by GrEEnHaWkPiLot (mod ID: 941256) Description. Subscribe to install 8. Unrated. 0. 0 Share. View. Simple build of the German tank, Maus. #Maus #model #model_tank #muas #Tank #tank_model #Tanks #World_of_Tanks #Wo Zvezda German Maus Heavy Tank 1:100 ZVE6213. 5 out of 5 stars. (4) 4 product ratings - Zvezda German Maus Heavy Tank 1:100 ZVE6213. $5.19. $3.99 shipping. 5 brand new from $3.20. Watch

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Feb 21, 2015 - Explore Death By Chocolate's board MAUS TANK WW2 on Pinterest. See more ideas about tank, german tanks, ww2 tanks Sonuç olarak Maus tankının üretimi 8 ay boyunca mümkün olmamıştır.Tesisler restore edildiğinde de sipariş azaltılmıştı, 141 tank yerine sadece 2 tank ve 1 de kule üretilecekti. Kraliyet Hava Kuvvetleri, Alman askeri tesislerini sürekli bombardıman altında tutup üretimi durma noktasına getirmemiş olsaydı fazladan Maus.

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The Encyclopedia of German Tanks of WWII (Chamberlian, Doyle and Jentz) (p . 148) doesn't use the designation Pz VIII, only Panzerkampfwagen Maus and Porsche 205. Additionally, a google book search of maus tank -viii versus maus tank viii yields 20,000 versus 163. (Hohum @) 21:59, 10 November 2011 (UTC The Maus is 38.5 cm long (15.1 inches) and 12.5 cm high (4.9 inches). Cobi Panzer Maus Features. www.sharkmunch.com. First off, the tank is absolutely massive. Probably the largest tank Cobi ever made! The tank tracks in particular are larger than the tracks on the Tiger 2 and other Cobi tank models Media in category Panzerkampfwagen VIII Maus. The following 3 files are in this category, out of 3 total. Kummersdorf-gut verskraft halle panzer VIII maus.jpeg 351 × 236; 113 KB. Maus essai.jpg 800 × 640; 105 KB. Pz VIII Maus factory.jpg 1,067 × 810; 224 KB Panzerkampfwagen PzKpfw VIII Maus Tank Sd.Kfz 205. 2,372 likes · 1 talking about this. Panzerkampfwagen PzKpfw VIII Maus Tank Sd.Kfz 20 The Maus Commander is an unnamed background character in the anime, but takes a more prominent role in the spin-off manga Motto Love Love Sakusen Desu!. 1 Appearance 2 Profile 3 Personality 4 Background 5 Kuromorimine vs. Ooarai 5.1 Maho Nishizumi's Christmas Party 5.2 Valentine's Day at Kuromorimine 5.3 Port Leave 6 Trivia 7 Gallery The Maus Commander is a medium-sized girl with short brown.

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Maus tank. Eddie Lam. April 11th, 2014. This waas my first project of the course and i would call this a successful design because im just 16 and it take lots of skills so plz enjoy and plz dont copy right. Show more... Download files Like. Share. 161 Downloads 3 Likes 3 Comments. Details The Maus: Meet Hitler's Super Tank (That Was a Total Waste of Time) Typical of Hitler's vacillations on his many super weapon projects, on November 4, 1943, development of the Maus was ordered to cease, and only one was to be completed for further evaluation Heavy tank Maus. 3D model Armor model Modules scheme. Select Language Site search Donate. The Maus tank did move, the engine pushed it to around 18Km/h, and rivers wheren't a problem because it could drive underwater using a snorkel system. The lack of machine guns would have been a problem yes, but if they experimented even further they would have added atleast one i think. Thats crazy. Im pretty sure it was an equvelent of a shore.

Maus is the second German 10 tier heavy tank. It is even slower and better armored than E-100, but it lacks the cannon choice. This vehicle works as a mobile bunker and its main task is to carry out the attacks along with support guaranteed by other vehicles The Maus rests in an unassuming corner of one of many huge tank garages at Kubinka, ready to be seen and touched—though not climbed upon—as we ponder those days so long ago when visions of land battleships setting sail for the steppes of central Russia filled the Führer's imagination, and when men like Ferdinand Porsche were there to.

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bodlat25 on April 11, 2014 at 11:02 am said: No one dare to construct, than the WG. The only surviving Maus, the biggest tank that ever build, the most expensive tank to build/construct, and the heavies tank (est. 185 tons) in the world. I don't know how many years/months to complete the reconstruction The Museum will never prioritize the restoration of the German tank Maus, or any foreign tank to any of the Russian military anniversaries, let alone the Day of Victory celebration, which is the most important celebration for us. The restoration of the German tank is not a great honor for us as the journalists write, but a simple. Takom TAK-2049 WWII German Super-Heavy Tank Maus V1 Model Kit Toy. $59.99 $ 59. 99. FREE Shipping. Only 1 left in stock - order soon. More Buying Choices $40.67 (3 new offers) Ages: 14 years and up. Easy Model German Army Maus Factory Designed Military Vehicle Kit. 4.5 out of 5 stars 10 german super tank 'maus' + german tank hunters. cyber hobby 1:35. 9133 2011 |.

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Здесь можно посмотреть на танки с игры World of Tanks в метали или на бумаг Der Panzerkampfwagen VIII Maus war ein überschwerer Panzer für die Wehrmacht, welcher nach den Ideen seiner Entwickler und einiger hochrangiger Politiker auf dem Schlachtfeld allen Gegnern überlegen sein sollte.. Nach einem Bombenangriff auf das Krupp-Werk in Essen im August 1943 kam die Fertigung der Panzerteile zum Erliegen und bis Ende 1944 wurden nur zwei Prototypen, davon nur.

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Germany heavy tanks. Henschel. Tiger H1 · Tiger E · ␠Tiger · Tiger II (P) · Tiger II (H) Tiger II (H) Sla.16 · Tiger II (10.5 cm Kw.K) Porsche. VK 45.01 (P) · Pz.Bef.Wg.VI P · Maus. Krupp. E-100. Trophies EVOlution Graphics B.V. Hilversum, The Netherlands KvK 60955899 VAT Nr. NL854134098B0

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Maus video review covering the main vehicle characteristics and its combat behavior. Developed from June 1942 through July 1944, with two prototypes produced, only one of which received a turret and armament. Mäuschen 3,580,000 169,200 Heavy Tank IX Maus 6,100,000 219,660 Heavy Tank X Join the community. More than 160,000,000 players. Join. Panzer VIII Maus - Germany's Breakthrough Tank Dozens of Photos. The Third Reich repeatedly attempted to create a super heavy tank. However, for a number of reasons, they were unable to organize their mass production to do so. Their only super heavy tank model was the PzKpfw VIII Maus, and during its production in 1944-1945, two. It's called skill bitch. I love the tanks in war thunder, I don't own a Maus though, prefer to rampage in the lower tiers with the faster tanks and the 15cm sIG 33 B Sfl Sturmpanzer II. I also received similar complaints after getting a HEAT penetration into a Lowe and one shoting it, though that was on the Object 261 Hitler visits a lifelike wooden model of the 'Maus'. Next to him Professor Dr Porsche, behind him Minister of Armaments Speer. On June 8, 1942, Dr Ferdinand Porsche in Stuttgart received an order from Hitler to begin designing a super heavy main battle tank armed with a 12.8-cm cannon and a coaxial 7.5-cm cannon in a turret, which would have the largest possible armor

Il Panzer VIII Maus (in tedesco letteralmente topo) indicato dall'Ispettorato Armamenti come Sonderkraftfahrzeug 205 (Sd. Kfz. 205) era un carro armato superpesante tedesco della seconda guerra mondiale, spesso indicato anche come Panzer VIII, sebbene nel 1945 non venisse più usata ufficialmente la numerazione progressiva dei carri Tanks Reforged! Balance Updates to the Maus Line! August 2, 2021. World War II Tank Balancing. COMMUNITY. Tanks Reforged! Balance Updates to the Maus Line! August 2, 2021. Discounts and XP Bonus. EVENTS. Catch the Maus With On-Track! August 2, 2021. Discounts and XP Bonus. EVENTS. Catch the Maus With On-Track

N-Y 1/72 Scale Diecast Tank Plastic Model Panzerkampfwagen VIII Maus Germany Tank Military Toys and Gifts 5 5Inch X 2Inch Collectible Gifts. $74.52 $ 74. 52. Get it Wed, Sep 1 - Thu, Sep 23. $4.99 shipping COBI World of Tanks Panzer VIII Maus Tank The Panzer VIII Maus is a super-heavy German tank from World War II. Only prototypes were ever produced which were soon captured by the Red Army. The only existing model of the PzKpfw VIII can be seen in a Russian museum in Kubinka near Moscow. In the game World of Tanks, it is armored and the heavy tank Maus. X. Стоимость. 6 100 000 Blitz Ангар - это сайт созданный игроками для World of Tanks: Blitz, разработанный в соответствии с WG DPP. Мы не являемся официальным. Tanks in Armored Patrol are armored vehicles on treads that have a main cannon that has a high amount of damage. It's useful for destroying other tanks and other vehicles, as well as destroying enemy built fortifications. However, the cannon has a limited cannon angle. This makes it hard to fight off helicopters, but not impossible unless the tank or helicopter is in the right position. Tanks.

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Awalnya tank Maus di desain dengan berat sekitar 100 ton dan di pasangi dengan meriam 128 mm dan senjata tambahan berupa senjata co-axial gun 75 mm. Persenjataan tambahan juga detailiti meliputi berbagai jenis meriam 128 mm, 150 mm, dan 170 mm. Pada Januari 1943 Hitler bersikeras bahwa persenjataanya adalah meriam 128 mm sebagai senjata utama dan senjata pembantunya adalah meriam co-axial 75. 左からIS-3、IS-4、Maus、E 75。 車体が大きいだけに履帯と履帯間の弱点も広く大きい。 車高が高いため、車高の低い戦車に張り付かれると俯角が足りずに攻撃が当たらなくなるので孤立は死と思ったほうがよい New Listing Super Heavy Tank Maus V2 built scale model 1/35 Germany WW2 Reich Panzer WoT . Pre-Owned. C $448.17. From Russian Federation. or Best Offer +C $37.13 shipping. S p o 7 5 V L W 3 Z n T s o r C e R R d. R-Model 1/35 35144A Metal Track For WWII German Maus Super Heavy Tank. Brand New. C $64.01. Top Rated Seller Top Rated Seller. or. The Maus (German for Mouse) super-tank certainly falls into the latter category. The Panzerkampwagen (PzKpfw.) VIII Maus was a 188-ton behemoth developed by Porsche at the behest of Hitler himself. Impractical does not begin to describe it, and the timing of its introduction was stupefying

Panzerkampfwagen VIII Maus (Șoarece) a fost un tanc german super-greu, din cel de-al Doilea Război Mondial, construit pe data de 1 august 1943 la Berlin.Primul test a fost realizat la fabrica Alkett din Berlin pe data de 24 decembrie 1943. Totuși turela nu era finalizată, așa că a fost înlocuită cu o sarcină egală cu greutatea sa #Maus #model #model_tank #muas #Tank #tank_model #Tanks #World_of_Tanks #WoT We have converted your account to an Organization! You can now invite others to collaborate on your content The enemy could be lurking just about anywhere in our thrilling collection of tank games.You'll need to shoot first and ask questions later! Show them no mercy while you roll into enemy territory and take them on everywhere from the battlefields of World War 2 to neon-lit arenas Maus: What's the point? - posted in German Vehicles: Ive been playing this tank for about a month now, and I dont get it. Whats the point of this tank? - It has terrible armor - It has terrible maneuverability - It has a terrible gun - It has terrible reload time - It has terrible traverse - It has terrible gun depression - It has terrible concealment Its nothing more than a giant useless. The German Panzer VIII Maus ended up being 10.2 m (33 ft) long, 3.71 m (12.2 ft) wide, and 3.63 m (11.9 ft) tall. It weighed 188 tons making it the heavier tank ever built! That's 376,000 pounds.